Patrick van Dijk

Lean ekspertas, konsultantas ir treneris (Nyderlandai)

Patrick van Dijk is a dedicated professional in the field of Lean. With his enthusiasm and sense
of personal relationships he brings his knowledge in an interactive way to others. Patrick is a
person who understands that change will only be achieved together.
He has got his broad experience from working for the U.S. multinational Rexnord where he
created a solid practical foundation and speaks both the language of the workplace and that of
the management. That implementation of lean is not easy, he himself has personally
experienced. Persuading is not enough. Success of Lean transformation depends on
acceptance and begins with the support from management and the workplace. "First
understand, then be understood" said Dr. Stephen R. Covey and Patrick understands this
principle better than anyone else.
After his career at Rexnord Patrick chose to focus 100% on Lean. He received his Lean Black
Belt at the University of Ghent and worked for a small consultancy company in Belgium which
is specialized in Lean and provides training for many multinational companies. Now he works
for UNC Plus Delta which is specialized in Lean Six Sigma and Lean. UNC Plus Delta is the
partner that helps companies improve their operating results, with an emphasis on permanent.
Specialties: Lean Transformation, Value Stream Mapping, SMED, Standard Work, Material Pull,
A3 Problem Solving, 5S & Visual management, Business process value stream mapping,
Accounting for Lean, Policy Deployment, Lean Logistics, E2E Value Stream Mapping, Lean
Supply Chain, Kata
Companies: Rexnord, Philips, Combiwerk, Ahrend, Coca Cola, Waterland ziekenhuis, Maestro
ziekenhuis, Postnl, Albert Heijn, Automotive Wire Systems, Inos, Aurora, University of Ghent,
University of Antwerp, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, E-bridge, GGD, Royal Flora Holland, Werkse!